The Emotional Weather of a Pregnancy After Loss

Pregnancy after loss can be as unpredictable and chaotic as the weather. The sun can be drowned out by rain in a matter of seconds and then reappear again just as quickly. The emotions involved in pregnancy after loss can be as unpredictable as the weather, leaving a woman feeling joyful, scared, excited and depressed all in a matter of seconds.

This piece that I wrote for Pregnancy After Loss Support describes the various emotions that a woman experiences during pregnancy after loss and how the sight of a healthy rainbow baby changes everything.

“Pregnancy after loss can seem like a long period of unpredictable weather, unpredictable emotional weather that is. With loss comes a long season of grief, a season where the fog doesn’t lift, the sun doesn’t shine and life seems to be raining down on us. My emotional weather remained consistent as I navigated life after loss, but the emotions experienced during pregnancy after loss were much more volatile. In an instant, feelings of hope changed to feelings of despair. Excitement turned to fear as the fog of uncertainty rolled in…”

“With each passing day, each passing week, my emotional weather went through it’s ongoing cycle of fear and gloom, then hope and serenity. I was slowly moving closer to a new season which I anticipated would include the warmth of holding a new baby, the sun shining brightly in the heat of summer. I was looking forward to relief, and the ability to leave the fog of the unknown behind me.”

You can read the full article here.

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