The Meant-To-Dos of Motherhood

Today I got caught up.

Not on the to-dos or the should-dos, but on the meant-to-dos.

The snow fell outside and the roads glazed over in a thick sheet of ice, making the idea of hauling kids around town among car accidents, traffic jams, and closed roads rather unappealing. So, for once we stayed home.

I set aside my to-do list and instead focused on my meant-to-do list. And the amount of things I accomplished surpassed what I manage to get done nearly every other day.

By the end of the day, my meant-to-do list looked something like this:

Read fascinating stories of talking tigers, curious monkeys, chirping crickets, and busy trains.

Color elaborate pictures, abundant in flowers, rainbows, and hearts.

Build colorful Lego towers and watch them crash to the ground.

Bake cookies and watch my kids eat way too many of them.

Listen to the not-so-funny jokes of a 6 year old, and laugh anyway.

Memorize the sound of laughter in response to endless tickles and kisses.

Snuggle on the couch while watching cartoons.

Discuss the benefits of obeying mom while making eye contact, and follow up with an “I love you.” 

These are the things that I was meant to do as a mother. Spend time with my children and enjoy their company. Look them in the eye. Listen instead of just hear. Speak in a loving tone while still getting my point across.

So often I get caught up in the to-dos and should-dos that I forget about the importance of the meant-to-dos. And the busyness of completing the to-dos takes me away from the things I was meant to do!

I felt a peace and a calm by the end of the day that I haven’t felt in months, and I’m certain my kids did too. Because what’s more important in their little lives than being seen and heard by mom?

So while there were no checkmarks made on that ever growing to-do list, I am certain that my children’s hearts were marked with love.

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