A Mom’s Christmas Poem

It wasn’t the presents, or the lights, or the sweets
That made this mom’s heart at Christmas complete.
No, none of those things made her heart sing,
Quite like the joy that her children bring.

It was the excitement of wrapping a gift for another,
A sister who had picked out a gift for her brother.
It was a baby who was awestruck by paper and bows,
That this mom could hardly wrap the gifts that she chose.

It was snuggles on the couch while watching Mr. Grinch,
Eyes so intent that the children did not flinch.
This classic show that they had already seen,
Yet they wondered aloud how one could be so mean.

It was the gingerbread house that sparked much delight
As the kids waited for morning on Christmas Eve night.
There was candy and sprinkles and frosting galore,
They ate and ate until they could eat no more.

It was a little girl gazing up at the tree so tall,
As she wished for a candy cane, snow, and a doll.
The lights twinkled so very bright in her eyes,
As she waited for the rest of the house to arise.

It was the child who read next to the tree full of light,
Of that baby who was born that first Christmas night.
It was the sweet girl’s voice singing out songs of joy,
About the gift of the Christ Child, a meek baby boy.

It was the children’s eyes that were shiny with glee
As they opened the presents from under the tree.
A sister so glad to show her brother what’d been gifted,
This mama’s heart immediately lifted.

It was the knowledge of that baby born long, long ago
The one who loves this mom and her little children so.
And no matter our problems, Christmas is never grim,
For there is grace and peace and forgiveness from Him.

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