About Jenny

Hello, and welcome to Manna in the Madness! I’m a wife, a mom to babies on earth and babies in heaven, a tea drinker and chocolate lover, and an avid collector of vintage Pyrex. After walking through pregnancy loss and pregnancy after loss, as well as a variety of other battles over the past few years, I am learning that God provides in all circumstances.

Whether it’s devastating loss, illness, the chaos of parenting, or simply walking through the trials of daily life, God provides the manna that is needed for us to continue moving forward. While it’s sometimes overlooked as we navigate through our busy days, it’s always there. Waiting to recharge our weary hearts, depleted minds, and withered souls. Sometimes, it just a matter of noticing the manna and taking it in.

During difficult periods of my life, sustenance has come through reading the words of others, though the feeling that I am not alone. The understanding that God has given us each other to share in the burdens of life. It has come through a sense of belonging in reading stories that are similar to mine, a sense that I am not alone in the battle.

This blog is a place to share in one another’s struggles while seeking out God’s provision. It’s about being open and being fed. It’s about walking together when life seems empty and we feel inadequate. And it’s about looking up for long enough to see God’s goodness through his provision.

It is my hope that you are blessed, and I thank you for stopping by!